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Shotokan Karate Schools official Branch of Shotokan Karate-Do- International Federation offering best Self defense courses for women.

We are also having Female Instructors for those who want to learn from Female Instructors.
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What is Women’s Self Defense?
Women’s self defense, more than anything, is a phrase used either by people who don’t understand self defense or by someone trying to sell you something.
Women need to learn to defend against the same type of attacks as men, and techniques that are most effective for men are also most effective for women.

Simple Self Defence Techniques Everyone Needs to Know
1) Escaping a Wrist Hold. …
2) Breaking Out of a Zip Tie Handcuff. …
3) Defending a Hair Grab. …
4) A Palm-Heel Strike That Counts. …
5) Escaping an Uncomfortable Hug. …
6) Elbow to the Rescue. …
7) Knees Can Be Powerful Weapons. …
8) A Hard Stomp Goes a Long Way.
And many more.
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Cell Number: 0345 – 58 95 913, 0332 -33 34 35 9
Whatsapp Number: 0332- 33 34 35 9
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Registration Fee: Rs 1000/- for non members
Rs 500 for members.