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Girls Can Give a Real Punch

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably experienced a nervous, sinking feeling when walking alone at night, fearing what’s lurking around a dark corner. There’s also a good chance you’ve felt your heart rate speed uncontrollably when you thought you were being followed—or worse, perhaps you were followed and possibly even attacked. But in my opinion these fears are common. “At some point,…

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What are the benefits of karate?

Many people are unaware of all the benefits that come with participating in karate. More specifically, though, karate offers a wide variety of exercise benefits!. Karate is also linked to improved cardiovascular health, stressing the heart and building strength. In addition, regular karate participation will improve your muscle mass, reflexes, and your overall mood. Exercising releases endorphins in the body,…

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Why Karate Important for kids

Why Karate is important for kids. They focus on individual growth, not on team competition. Many kids with learning and attention issues struggle with the pressure of having to compete with other kids. So traditional sports may not appeal to them. But in Karate, the focus is on self-improvement. There’s no “letting down the team.” They emphasize self-control and concentration. Attention is…

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