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All Skill Level

All Skill Level

Karate Courses

We are offering following courses for
Kids  – Click here to watch important lecture about Kids enrolment in proper Karate dojo. 
Girls ( Separate group for female students) Click here to watch important Lecture for Girls
Security Agencies
Schools, Colleges, Universities
Yoga Classes.

Experience the most welcoming, supportive and non-competing Karate classes you will ever find. You will fall in love with a warm welcome from our kind teachers.

Shotokan Karate graduation program ( from white Belt to Black Belt)


Adult, Youth and Children Safety and Awareness Courses offered by Quality Security Training Services.

  • Courses designed for men, women, youth and children to increase safety and awareness in the community and at home
  • How to recognize potentially dangerous situations and the skills to defend yourself in a physical attack
  • Courses are available at a variety of community locations

In today’s world, although we hope that no one will ever need what they learn in a self-defence course, this kind of knowledge can sometimes make the difference between being able to get away from a bad situation, and not.

Our courses are practical lessons on personal safety and awareness and teach confidence and skill to our students.

But vulnerability and fear need not become a way of life! While no one’s safety can be completely guaranteed, with the proper training, you can acquire the skills to survive an attack.

Quality Security Training Services will provide you with these skills by increasing your level of awareness and by instructing you in the techniques of active defense.  Being mentally and physically prepared will give you the necessary level of confidence to face an uncomfortable situation.



Quality Security Training Services also provides trained personnel for hire for special events.

Whether you wish to provide special security for a visiting VIP, or if you are having a high profile special event where the addition of one or more of our well-trained professional personnel could benefit your event, we invite you to contact us.
Executive security provided for high profile special event or VIP security.
We offer Karate instruction/ Self defense courses for children, youth and adults ( Girls and Boys).
The style of Karate practiced at our dojo is called Shotokan Karate International, a popular mainstream karate style in World.

Our students learn discipline, many physical and mental skills, and we encourage them to continually increase their skills as they work their way up the various belt levels as they are having fun challenging themselves.

Sensei Qasim Suleman who is International qualified Instructor from Japan and is student of Soke Kanazwa , He himself is chief head and taking notice of any act in dojo. We currently have several black belt students at that level. They usually assist the Senior Instructor in teaching the classes.

We also encourage our students to participate in our annual tournament/ Seminars ( National and International both) , where they have fun competing and showing off their skills.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Shotokan Karate-do-International Federation (Head office , Tokyo,Japan)
  • Islamabad Olympic Association Pakistan (Affiliated Pakistan Olympic Committee)