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Women Self Defense

Women Self Defense

Women Self Defense

Some Facts:

Every day on social media it seems, we are hearing about women being victimised. When you think about self-defense, you rarely if ever think of a woman defending herself.  At least for a women, she know it was something she never thought about. After all, She have a husband that will defend me if need be, right?

However, what happens when she is driving home from work by herself and need to fill up her gas tank? How about if she is walking out to her vehicle with her hands full of groceries, and some one approaches her? What if she was out by herself taking a walk around my neighbourhood at dusk? What if a door-to-door salesperson came by her house wanting to give her a pitch, and her husband wasn’t home?

The truth is we don’t think about attacks enough, because we want to believe that people are inherently good and wouldn’t hurt us.

Why Self Defense is important for women?

1. It improves self confidence.
2. Training workshop will make you safe when away from home
3. You will focus on competition not on self defense after learning this workshop
4. It helps to reduce dependency on others.
5. You will be able to handle any dangerous and emergency situations.
6. It will improve healthy and fit life styles due to exercises and physical moves.
7. You will be physically educated in term of self defense.