Karate is a great workout!

Karate for adults is a great way to get fit and healthy! Regular exercise ensures we remain healthy, supporting our backs and prolonging health, not to mention making us feel generally inspired and motivated!
Karate is great for stress release!

Karate Builds a Balanced Body!

Adult karate is a great all-round workout. Karate uses all muscle groups and a variety of concentric exercises, meaning that as muscles contract they also extend, giving that lean look, while also building strength and speed.

Karate for Anaerobic Exercise

Regular karate training and it’s aerobic training has been proven to slowdown the deterioration of cognitive functioning in old age. Evidence shows that the combination of aerobic exercise and movements requiring coordination and balance, maintains or improves cognitive functioning. Studies have found karate helps to enhance attention, resilience and motor reaction time, proving that five months of regular karate training yields ‘a significant improvement in motor reactivity, stress tolerance and divided attention’. Longer karate training periods produce even better results, which means regular, sustained training is even healthier that one might think.